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"la Biagiola" International School of Archaeology

What are you waiting for? Join us in Tuscany and live your most exciting and interesting archaeological experience!

Il mestiere di un Archeologo

Il primo videomanuale interattivo con i consigli per meglio affrontare le mille sfaccettature della professione archeologica.

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International School of Archaeology


Three exciting shifts (May, July and August): an eight-week program uncovering ancient Etruscan, Roman, and Lombard civilizations!
“La Biagiola” special program for students provides a first-hand experience from the fieldwork activities to the communication to the public.
We provide the exciting opportunity to learn how to study a multi-layered site.
Students will take part in the exploration of an ancient site in Tuscany, working alongside expert archaeologists and others foreign students.
The school also provide a complete formation in standing building archaeology, survey, and medieval castles studies, and, last but not least, students will be involved in the creation of a popularization documentary.
This program is offered in collaboration with the cultural heritage office of Tuscany, the regional authority that manages archaeological sites and monuments.
In addition to the archaeological experience, participants will be able to enjoy a wide range of cultural sites, historic monuments, and natural sites of Tuscany.
The School is taking place from 13 to 27/May and from 15/July to 26/August/2019.
FIRST SHIFT: from May 13 to May 27;
SECOND SHIFT: from July 15 to August 5;
THIRD SHIFT: from August 6 to August 26.

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The ACT special program for students provides a comprehensive experience of lectures about geopolitics, and in particular about the increasing role of borders and identity in shaping international relations today.
After seven years of summer schools with students from all over the world, we know very well the value of the environment for focusing on study. The ACT International Course in Geopolitics provides the perfect place where to focus and apply to study: a typical Tuscan farmhouse completely renovated. The program also gives the students an environment rich in awesome landscapes, nature, history, and culture to refresh their minds after the hard learning work.

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Archaeology on stage

Communication in archeology is crucial! Knowing how to explain historical and archaeological contents to the general public in a clear and attractive way is the last frontier for the most up-to-date archaeologists.
For this reason, during the May shift of “la Biagiola” international School of Archaeology, alongside the archaeological research activities, there will be an immersive stage with lessons and workshops with actors, directors and film makers on how to create a multimedia archaeological documentary to be made available online.
Cinema, theater and animation will be combined in a unique educational experience.

International School of Archaeology
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International School of Archaeology

The Stone Crown Project

To better understand the settlement dynamics of "la Biagiola" territory, especially in early Middle Ages, it has become necessary to extend the study to the fortified sites of the area.
In the summer shifts, alongside the excavation activity on the site, the students will be involved in a survey and study project of the castles in the area: from discovery to exploration, from analysis of the wall stratigraphy to the study of medieval building sites, surrounded by the breathtaking setting of the Fiora river hills.

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