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B.I.S.A. 2023-2024 - An unexpected survey
B.I.S.A. 2023-2024: an unexpected survey

“The Stone and the River” 2023- 2024 Project

Human settlement in the region of “Maremma del Tufo” is closely related to the river and the rocky landscape features.

The project consists in the diachronic investigation of this relationship, through the study of the traces that man has left in the rock over time: building (castles, churches, villas, sanctuaries, and hamlets) and carving (necropolis, hermitages, canals, and roads).

Furthermore, the summer school will include sessions of archaeological excavation in an Etruscan necropolis, and learning techniques such as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), georadar, photogrammetry, with the use of drones and scanners. Additionally, there will be workshops for learning software, especially open-source ones, for the utilization of these technologies.

Still in progress, sorry

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