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B.I.S.A. International School of Archaeology’s Winter Campaign

B.I.S.A. International School of Archaeology’s Winter Campaign

As the chill of winter descends upon the enchanting landscapes of southern Tuscany, the B.I.S.A. International School of Archaeology eagerly prepares for its Winter Campaign, an exciting venture that promises to unravel the secrets of the region’s impressive historical heritage. Embracing the unique advantages that the winter season brings to archaeological exploration, the school is poised to engage in extensive surveying, focusing on 3D modeling and photogrammetric techniques.

The Winter Advantage

Winter, often overlooked as an ideal season for archaeological endeavors, offers a distinct set of advantages for researchers. The deciduous nature of vegetation during this time ensures that the landscape is less shrouded, granting archaeologists unparalleled visibility. The absence of thick foliage allows for a more precise examination of the terrain, unveiling hidden features that may remain obscured during the verdant months. Additionally, the milder climate provides a more comfortable working environment, contrasting with the sweltering heat that often accompanies summer excavations.

Photogrammetry, S.L.A.M., QGIS

At the heart of the B.I.S.A. Winter Campaign lies a commitment to cutting-edge archaeological methodologies. The school will place a special emphasis on 3D modeling and photogrammetric survey techniques to capture the intricate details of the rocky archaeological sites of this part of Tuscany. By employing these advanced technologies, researchers aim to create highly accurate and visually immersive representations of the region’s historical treasures, spanning from prehistory to the Modern age.

B.I.S.A. International School of Archaeology’s Winter Campaign

Southern Tuscany boasts a rich tapestry of history, with archaeological sites that offer glimpses into the lives of ancient civilizations. The Winter Campaign seeks to create an open-source catalogue that will serve as a comprehensive repository of the region’s archaeological wonders. From prehistoric settlements to Roman ruins and medieval marvels, the catalogue will document and preserve the diverse heritage that has shaped southern Tuscany over the centuries.
The B.I.S.A. International School of Archaeology invites students, researchers, and enthusiasts from around the world to join this immersive winter experience. Collaborative exploration and knowledge sharing lie at the core of the Winter Campaign, fostering an environment where participants can engage in hands-on archaeological work while contributing to the collective understanding of southern Tuscany’s history.
What are you waiting for? Pack some warm clothes and join us!

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